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Martin Luther King day 2023 remarks. Entitled “How to achieve a beloved community”

The remarks given on SB61. The bill, originally intended to put landfill setback laws in order to protect our land and water. The company attempting to build a landfill in the North Country, Casella, had their lawyers in direct contact with officials at the Department of Enviromental Services. Essentially writing the bill. The bill came out with a provision spending over 200k dollars to hire an industry consultant to oversee the process of writing rules. This bill was a sad example of special interests, and their control over many parts of the legislature. Luckily it was killed in the House with 238 members voting to kill it, and only 134 voting alongside the industry. Proving that when we show up and speak out. We can overcome special interest control over our government.

This was a speech I gave to all Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, History and Criminal Justice students at Franklin Pierce University November 11th, of 2021. Entitled "The Moral Obligation of the Moment" it is this speech in which I lay out my analysis of the moment we found ourselves in, why we got here, and how we respond.

A debate on the floor amendment to HB135, a bill banning the practice of no-knock warrants. An amendment was added to the bill at the last minute which instead of an outright ban of the practice, left it up to the discretion of the department carrying out the warrant. Leaving the practice as intact as it already was, making HB135 a hollow vessel of virtue. The amendment was killed and the bill passed, but the fight doesn't end here.

HB581 was a bill to repeal the controlled drug act in the state of New Hampshire. The criminalization of substances has not led to a reduction in substance abuse, nor an increase in basic public saftey. In fact, the so-called war on drugs has left us in a worse position than we started in. The man I quoted was John Ehrlichman, former White House counsel to Nixon. They knew this wasn't about drugs, it was about breaking up poor communities and their ability to organize. They have been successful in that effort, but a new generation is here and we will continue to fight for an end to this dangeorus war on drugs.

Juneteenth 2022 speech given in Keene, NH.

Remarks on HB508. A bill which would have paid for the postage on each absentee ballot mailed out by a voter. 19 States have passed a similar law already. Recognizing the basic idea that no one should have to face a monetary barrier, no matter how small, before voting. This legislation would have cost the state approx. 108k over four years. A worthwhile cost to ensure the rights of all citizens to vote with ease in our state. Unfortunately the bill was killed by 189-172 margin.

The Democratic Primary debate between incumbents Peter Lieshman, Ivy Vann, and challenger Jonah Orion Wheeler

HB104, the "Granny D" day bill. If you aren't already aware, Doris Haddock was a woman from Dublin, who saw her country being bought and sold by multinational corporate interests. She couldn't sit still and do nothing. So she started walking. Walking across the country for campaign finance reform, registering people to vote, proving that one person can do something in this country to make change. The bill sadly died on a voice vote. It was my first speech on the floor, and I did not call for a roll call, which I will forever regret. The fight to honor Granny does not end here. The bill will be brought back, and every year we honor her by walking from her house in Dublin to Depot Square in Peterborough. Where we rally, sing, and come together in her honor.

HB575, is a bill which says that no pharmaceutical product or immunization shall be distributed by the state or it's politicial subdivisions, if said product had not gone through voluntary human clinical trials. A simple regulation which puts an industry which has time and time again proven it's proclivity for negligence, at best; criminality at worst. This is not a bill which bans the distribution of any product of the private market. All products will still be available at your local drug store. This is a bill which says that those products, to recieve the stamp of approval by our state, must have gone through rigorous trials to ensure saftey and efficacy of the products distributed.

Headline speech given at the Black Renissance event from November of 2021. 

Full debate on HB596. Prohibiting the use of racial profiling in law enforcement activities and in sentencing. After this debate the bill passed by a one vote margin. With one democrat voting against and four republicans voting for the bill. It is all about attendance and this bill proves that.


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